Bernhard Zünkeler studied jurisprudence and graduated as a Doctor of Jurisprudence with a work on the European free movement of workers. For more than ten years, he worked as a lawyer and focused on restructuring processes in international companies. In 2009, he was co-founder of the artlab21 Research Institute, from whose work the art laboratory ESMoA in Los Angeles emerged in 2012. ESMoA is an urban intervention project, in which the various dimensions of art are investigated. As an Orange Council Partner, he is primarily involved in the integration of art thinking into business processes and the implementation of unconventional approaches to solutions.


ESMoA, the creative catalyst in South Bay, Los Angeles.

The art laboratory ESMoA has been inspiring community, business and international art institutions through its experimental approach to art since 2013.


Urban participation project SCRATCH

Since 2014, SCRATCH has been proving that hardly anybody can escape the charm of cooperative design of communal wall space by means of innovative communication techniques.


Revitalisation projects with the Industrial Monument Charity NRW.

Unused industrial areas are, through New Media Art, as places of disruption, a source of inspiration and attraction with "ever-unique" images.


Curation international exhibition projects

With the intervention project “just a moment”, the exceptional artist Amely Spötzl investigated the attractiveness of plants in different places such as Taipei, Berlin, Brussels and Los Angeles.



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